What We Do

GloSTAZ s.a.r.l simply creates novelty solutions, solving unsolved problems innovatively and offering an enduring cost-efficient path towards sustainability in all projects for both our Government and Business clients.

Our founding ideology is focused on creating integrated, intelligent and agile solutions to satisfy our clients vital needs. GloSTAZ understands the difference between what should never change and what should be open for change in all projects life cycles. This rare ability has strategically positioned GloSTAZ to manage business continuity processes and change by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach.

As a result, GloSTAZ s.a.r.l offers a portfolio suite of robust solutions with a blend of Creativity, Technology, Innovation, Quality, Reliability, and Sustainability in all projects. Its services are achieved by harnessing the potential synergies of Integrated satellite applications, Digital solutions, and Wireless technologies in the conceptualization and deployments of agile and intelligent turnkey solutions to support Public development projects as well as for Industry businesses at National and International levels. Our focused sectors are:

    • Industry enterprises business optimization and innovation.
    • Agriculture (Farming, Fishing, Livestock).
    • Energy, Oil & Gas,
    • Environment & Eco-Innovation -Smart City & Mobility.
    • Health.
    • Mining,
    • Transport & Logistics.
    • Social Applications.

GloSTAZ is passionately committed in ensuring that robust technologies and strategies are applied in all its public development projects. Our Business Clients models are supported with the best blend of technology, innovation and strategies. Also, we constantly guide our Business clients on the path to Long-term sustainability without compromising ethical and quality values based on win-win competitive techniques in all applicable market sectors.