Our services

We offer specialised services on a wide range of issues and harnessed with unbiased solutions focusing on the following market sectors:

    • Digital transformation and innovations for industry and government.
    • Energy, Oil & Gas (Business Optimization Techniques, Risk & Security Assessments and Mitigation).
    • Environment & Eco-Innovation –Smart City & Mobility.
    • Transport & Logistics (Smart Mobility and Location based Services in all transport modes).
    • Health (Intelligent Care Applications).
    • Environment and Safety solutions.
    • Agriculture precision farming and livestocks management.
    • Mining (Risk Assessments and Mitigation).
    • Creative Industry and Real Estate (eCommerce cloud solutions).
    • Tourism Guide and Mobile Applications.



GloSTAZ Consulting

Our consulting services are comprised of:

  • Industry and government digital transformation.
  • Market feasibility and research.
  • Innovation and optimization techniques.
  • Risk analyses and mitigation.
  • Business development.
  • Enterprise business process optimization.
  • International development activities and awareness.

GloSTAZ Engineering

Our engineering services are comprised of:

  • Digital transformation technical feasibility Studies.
  • Integrated applications development– from Idea to Implementation.
  • Solution Innovation techniques.
  • Systems specifications.
  • Standardization process support.
  • System engineering.
  • Innovation and optimization.

GloSTAZ Strategic Management

Our management services are comprised of:

  • Strategic corporate growth optimization techniques.
  • Enterprise solution and services.
  • Risk management, security and mitigation Techniques.
  • Project management and development.