Our services are applicable in the following market sectors:




  • Smart precision farming guide.
  • Location based Fishermen Information services.
  • LiveStocks Geo-tagging and Monitoring.
  • Fishing boats and vessels geo-localization and monitoring.


  • ECO-Innovation techniques
  • Environment-driven applications and services.
  • Environmental management applications.
  • Smart city applications and optimization techniques

Energy, Oil & Gas

  • Assets and workforce geo-localization and management.
  • Remote systems operations optimization.
  • Risk assessments and mitigation.
  • Business optimization techniques.


Transport & Logistics

  • Smart mobility in road, rail and maritime transport modes.
  • Location based tracking and tracing on road, rail and maritime.
  • Geo-corridoring and monitoring.
  • Smart fleet management and Logistics techniques.




  • Smart doctor-patient interactive tool.
  • Intelligent remote care diagnostic tools.
  • Smart tele-medicine applications.
  • Intelligent geo-localised and trans-national patient guard, control and monitoring.




  • Smart and geo-localised assets and workforce management.
  • Assets optimization and management.
  • Operations optimization techniques and management.
  • Risk assessments and mitigations.
  • Smart Integrated geolocalization in open and underground mines.





Social Applications

  • Smart tourism guide and information services.
  • Tourist driven emergency applications.
  • Events Geo-tagging, sharing and Monitoring
  • Vulnerable persons social support applications.
  • Friends and children smart social applications.

Digital Transformation

  • ICT cloud computing innovation and services for industrial manufacturing, connected factories, the creative industry and Real Estate.
  • Digital migration in industry and public agences.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Smart business media eco-system development and Information services.